there’s this corner of the woods no one else goes to and I want to animal crossing that shit and make it mine

no shade but yr anniversary is 9 days before we broke up

i still need to go to a doctor!!! and get tested for fibro!!! i just realized ive been feeling so shitty bc im having one of those weird (for lack of a better word) flare ups where im in a lot of pain but also cant sleep and [literally almost every symptom related]

maybe mac is my version of that cat
if yr hearin voices let me know

I won’t feel better if I laid in the middle of the street, thank you very much

*strums guitar* I told a blogger she’s my tumlr crush bc I like her blog and now she won’t talk to me

*hears a frog* that bird needs to shut the fuck up

me: also mac as a bag of Titos hair
bri: why does he do this